Many software packages with SMS capabilities can use the email-to-sms gateway to send messages. Before working with the email API you need to setup an account and register your sending email address in your account settings. Then it is as simple as emailing The first 160 characters of your message will then be sent in the SMS message Our technical support staff can provide additional assistance implementing the email-to-sms service and configuring your software with the email API.


The SMPP Protocol is complex and implementations vary in the job that they have to perform. Due to this certain fields in the SMPP protocol affect inter-working or general usage of the application. These can be because of limits imposed due to the range of values that are acceptable to a certain vendor’s implementation. To help to identify and reduce these issues the following items may be completed. Click here to download smpp 3.4v specification.



New HTTP SMS API (v2.0) in  SMS Gateway to address the requirements of the SMS software developer community. This new HTTP SMS API provides more features, flexibility and simplicity compared to the previous versions. It was designed to help developers be more productive and to be able to add SMS functionality to any project efficiently. This overview gives you quick links to the HTTP SMS API documentation.

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